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Package Two:  Look Great ( and elegant ) Everyday!

  • Part ONEA brand new YOU!

Be prepared for stunning results. Take yourself to the top as you let go of and laugh about old habits of dress that don’t suit you anymore! I will help you unearth the You that got buried over the years under the layers of the not quite “it” clothes. You’ll be astonished as you look in the mirror and discover the exceptional and extraordinary person that you were born to be!  

The magic starts in your home where you learn the “make or break” rules of color and line in a six-hour workshop designed to train your eye to “look and see.” You will make amazing discoveries, and very likely you will find that the colors you like the most do not make you look good; and the colors you fear to wear make you look the most sensational. It is recommended that your partner or a friend participate in the makeover workshop with you for the best results. You need to see the extraordinary transformation the other person undergoes with simple changes of color and small details. This workshop will begin the process of changing your life and your image. You will gain a clear understanding about the styles and colors that make you look absolutely irresistible in front of the room.

After going through your closet you’ll have a newfound awareness of what it takes to look spectacular and stylish wherever you are. You’ll know which items are Good, Better and Perfect ; which need to be discarded, and which things can be “saved” with my exclusive tricks of the trade. You’ll be astounded at the variety of new looks you can put together with your current garments. You will be amazed at the unending possibilities you’ll discover with the help of my insight, expert eye and years of experience. When you revamp your wardrobe and open your closet, you’ll say "Wow!" and you’ll be confident that whether you’re having a breakfast meeting, lounging at the pool; at the evening banquet; or heading out for the airport…you’ll feel comfortable and look on top of your game!  

  • Part TWO:   SHOPPING as an art

You learn the rules of strategic shopping so you acquire full ownership of your image.  Soar to the top with this life-changing awareness. I take you to shops and assist you in choosing dazzling colors and incomparable styles that make you look extraordinary instead of ordinary.

We’ll find spectacular outfits for traveling to your engagement and for all the events surrounding it.  Heads will turn wherever you are. No matter what the climate, the season, the city, state or country, you’ll look spectacular.  You’ll have the perfect apparel for every excursion when you step off the platform!

  • Part THREE:   HAIR salon magic

I go to your salon and supervise your cut and color for an eye-catching new, sophisticated you. No more guesswork frustration and disappointment, like you’ve probably experienced in the past. Working with hairdressers all over the country has convinced me that very few have extensive training. They implement what they’ve learned at the last trade show, and it often turns out to be a “cookie cutter” style that doesn’t suit you or your professional image. You develop a natural, casual easy style and alluring look that tells the world what you’re all about!

Sandy’s Training Manual, “Professional Hair Styles” is included so you can know more about the styles and hair color that suits you.



Glenna Salsbury, CSP, CPAE, Speaker,
Author, Speaker Hall of Fame
Recipient of coveted
National Speakers Association Cavett Award

"Sandy's insights will revolutionize what you know about style, color and personal power! She has the eye, the wisdom and the heart to transform your image and enhance your success!!"
Glenna Salsbury, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame
Author  of  “The Art of the Fresh Start


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