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Package One:  The Classic "Look Great on the Platform Makeover"

  • Part ONE:  On the platform image transformation

Knowledge is power! The magic starts in your home where you learn the “make or break” rules of color and line in a six-hour workshop designed to train your eye to “look and see.” You will make amazing discoveries, and very likely you will find that the colors you like the most do not make you look good; and the colors you fear to wear make you look the most sensational. It is recommended that your partner or a friend participate in the makeover workshop with you for the best results. You need to see the extraordinary transformation the other person undergoes with simple changes of color and small details. This workshop will begin the process of changing your life and your image. You will gain a clear understanding about the styles and colors that make you look absolutely irresistible in front of the room.

Mark Eaton, NBA All Star
Motivational Speaker,
Radio Host, Entrepreneur

"Understanding how to make my clothes work has helped me "pop" when I walk out on stage.  It is a definite "wow!" What a difference! Thanks for making me look good, Sandy!”
Mark Eaton, NBA All Star, Professional Speaker


  • Part TWO for Women: In-depth MAKEUP consultation

Find your perfect makeup colors - ones that say "perfect skin" instead of "perfect makeup." Learn how to do the alluring “smoky eye.” Very few women know this secret. Very few people can resist it.

I share with you the secrets of breathtakingly-beautiful makeup that I learned from years of modeling and working with top makeup artists. You’ll find your perfect foundation and blusher color and get the breathtaking glow of youth, thanks to my years of experience as a makeup artist. I evaluate all your makeup products and teach you how to tell a warm pink, for example, from a cool pink, and which is right for you. Complete professional eye makeup instruction is included; learn how to do the mesmerizing "smoky eye" for both daytime and gala looks. Very few people know how to do this amazing technique correctly.

You will also receive a 60-page training manual “Professional Makeup Secrets” that is normally reserved for students at Sandy’s school for teaching others to become Image Consultants. This eBook is accompanied by an 80-minute DVD “Makeup Magic” with hands-on demonstrations of makeup application done by Sandy herself.

  • Part TWO for Men: The secrets to the perfect ATTIRE revealed!

I help you master the entire spectrum of gentlemen’s wear, thanks to my unique expertise garnered while living in London and being privy to the secrets of Savile Row. Ties talk, and they tell everything about you, yet most men don't even know it…but after our session you will and you’ll know how to choose well every time! You’ll also unravel the mystery of putting together the perfect tie, shirt and suit combination. You’ll never play Wardrobe Roulette again!

You will receive your own copy of the training manuals Sandy uses in her renowned Diploma Course for teaching others to become image consultants. Manuals included are: Suits & Jackets manual; Ties manual and the Shirts manual, plus the invaluablePutting it All Together manual.

  • Part THREE:  a spectacular SHOPPING spree with ME!

I help you find the perfect look and apparel for the platform. We create an image that is powerful and absolutely unique- no compromises.  I save you precious time – and even more money – because I have a razor sharp eye from having worked with top designers for so many years. Quality workmanship doesn’t always cost a fortune; but expensive garments that don’t have quality details and workmanship do end up costing “a fortune” because they do not represent good value. You’ll never make a costly mistake when I’m shopping with you! And you’re guaranteed to be lavished with compliments everywhere you go!

Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame
Past President National Speakers Association
Past President Global Speakers Federation
1997 Cavett Award Winner
2003 Legend of the Speaking Profession Recipient
Ambassador Award Global Speakers Association
Honorary Doctorate 2006
Co-founder of SmartHealth
Speaker, Author, Speaking/Life Coach

"Being coached by the best of the best, a person of intense training, and decades of experience in the fashion industry is a privilege! Her ongoing wisdom and 'latest' advice is a 'must' for a true professional. Sandy is the best!!
Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame
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  • Part FOUR:  Head-turning HAIR: the perfect COLOR & CUT for the front of the room

Women: you will dazzle with a color and cut that is you...dramatized! You walk away with an elegant yet natural style that’s easy to care for and achieve, and an absolute fit for your face shape, lifestyle, profession, and occasions! You will also receive a 20–page training manual “Boardroom Hair” to show you step-by-step how to choose the perfect cut and style for your face shape.

Men: It doesn’t stop with hair color, hair style and face shape; you'll learn whether or not you should have a moustache, goatee, soul patch or beard. You’ll get that sophisticated powerful look you always dreamed of but never knew quite how to achieve! You will also receive a 15–page training manual “Boardroom Hair.” To show you step-by-step how to choose the perfect cut and style for your face shape.

Pam Lontos, President PR/PR
Speaker, Author

"I've worked with beauty/image consultants over the years, including George Masters, but Sandy Dumont is one of the best by far. The changes we implemented together, over several months, get me compliments non-stop. This isn't a one-time experience. Each time I work with Sandy, we go deeper and deeper and I learn more. She teaches her clients how to understand the principles so they can start doing it themselves."
Pam Lantos, President PR/PR
Orlando, Florida

Author of
I See Your Name Everywhere


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