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Package Four:  The Big Event - One or Two Days! 


Dan Poynter, Speaker,
Publisher, and Author
of more than 100 books

"I have been preaching to authors and publishers for years that COVERS sell BOOKS, the OUTSIDE promotes the INSIDE. Sandy Dumont made me realize that CLOTHES sell the SPEAKER - to the audience."
Dan Poynter, Author of more than 100 books,
including "The Self-Publishing Manual"

It’s the opportunity of your dreams! Whether it’s the keynote of a lifetime, an interview, an audition, or the night of your dreams, you need to make a big statement about who you are – and you need a professional to assure your success! She’ll fly to your home to get you ready, or on location. If you’re a current client, you’ll spend a day with Sandy (or two – you choose!) and you’ll select or shop for all the items that will get you that put together look, that simple elegance that is subtly telling the world what you are all about. You’ll get your hair, shoes, and everything in between just right. Every piece selected for every need you have, so you shine all the time!

If you haven't worked with Sandy very long, you may need two days in order to acquire the items in your colors and perfect styles from your closet, suitcase or shops; and then you’ll move onto all the rest of the little details that speak volumes. Your attire will be perfect and you’ll radiate confidence and maximize your opportunities with my help. I’ll make it easy for you to be dressed to impress, and you’ll have the advantage of looking more poised, professional and put together than you ever thought possible. Your confidence will soar – and you’ll be at the top of your game.

Included in this package is Sandy’s Training Manual, “Branding for People®” Sandy’s trademarked name for her branding program for individuals. With this manual, you will understand more clearly the importance of becoming a brand, and Sandy will take you by the hand and show you how to do it. 

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