Package Five:  Simple Elegance Virtual Makeover 

"I had a Mini Makeover at your booth at NSA in Indianapolis. You were so right about the foundation color, the earrings and the scary fuchsia lipstick. People nearly fell on the floor when they saw me!!"
Sarah Freymann Fontenot, BSN, JD
Speaker and Attorney

Yes, you can achieve the perfect look for every occasion from the comfort of your own home! Send me your link to your site, photos of yourself and the look and attire you think are "you" (and your video if you have one) and I will send you photos with suggestions for the perfect hair, clothing and makeup colors, lines, styles and pieces you need to have that simple elegance that projects poise and professionalism. Get on-the-platform-presence, evening magic and an elegant casual and professional look that meets all your needs via your computer. We’ll discover just what you need to shine as a speaker and with the absolute minimum of effort you’ll reach all your goals that require heightened self esteem and subtle elegance.

For your virtual makeover, I will require specific photos that enable me to determine the colors that enable you to look your best at all times. You'll discover that certain colors make you look healthier, more dynamic, professional and powerful. To get the best results, you must submit the required photos in various colors, and I will give you the specifics once you contact me.

Your virtual makeover includes my DVD "Makeup Secrets" and the Training Manual from my school, "Makeup for Professionals" along with my "Seven Days to a New You" eBook. You'll get your own "wallet" of color swatches to make shopping easy; and you'll have telephone and email access to me for two months. Also included are Training Manuals for learning to camouflage, one for hair styles, for accessorizing and the "Putting it all Together" manual.


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