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What would happen to your income
if this were you?

You are radiant. You feel your power.  You step up to the platform. The murmuring turns to pin-drop silence. You feel a rush of exhilaration. You are striking, irresistible, confident. You own the room! The moment is magic. Your speech just flows and the atmosphere is transcendent.

Why? Because you have transformed your image with a Look Great on the Platform makeover. You've developed a unique signature Image, an image so spectacular that it creates a hush when you step up to the stage, perfectly attired. You "wow"  ‘em every time with your polished appearance and self-assured demeanor. You look right...and you know it.

If this were you, how would that impact your income, your relationships your opportunities? The possibilities are endless and the boost to your confidence would be priceless.

Nothing is as important as how you feel. You know if you don't look your best, your confidence plummets and you let opportunities pass you buy…and you lose money! Can you afford to let that happen?  With a Look Great on the Platform  image upgrade you'll fast forward your business, and be at your best in every situation, knowing you look at the top of your game. You'll feel fabulous, your new found charisma will open doors and the impact on your bottom line will be dramatic!

How much business have you lost because you lacked the confidence to go for it? And how much is your confidence suffering because you have a nagging feeling that you could look better? Even worse, you may have unknowingly lost engagements because your competition looked more dynamic and professional than you. Like it or not, we know people do judge a book by its cover (ask any book publisher!) and we sell ourselves short and sabotage our success by looking ordinary instead of extraordinary. We miss the big opportunities that could make our careers soar.

This need not be you. You can achieve the business and life of your dreams with Sandy Dumont. Sandy will take you by the hand, and with great sensitivity to your unique individual preferences and needs, she will assist you to look as magnificent as you are. She won't give you someone else's look; you'll find your own signature image that communicates exactly who you are before you even say a word. More importantly you'll have the confidence that only looking your best affords, and you'll radiate that and  draw new people and opportunities into your world.

If you want the ability to attract business, working with an image consultant isn't an option; it's a must.  Whether it's a keynote, a training event, a morning breakfast talk, a meeting with a client, or a weekend retreat from limo to plane and back, if you want to look refined, sophisticated, dazzling, and ready to meet the public or a client anywhere, you can't afford to not seriously evaluate Sandy's services.

Sandy Dumont is the top image consultant for speakers; she's worked with the best. She's the image consultant's image consultant; she's providing image consultant certification and image consultant training all over the globe; and she's the go-to person for the media throughout the world. She's a fashion journalist as well as a former high-fashion runway and photo model who has lived, learned and taught all over the world.

Sandy's makeovers are easy, comfortable and fun! She takes care of everything and makes sure that each and every element of your "look" and wardrobe are perfect. She'll shop for you, selecting exquisite and unique items of apparel that will dramatically impact the impression you make. She'll scout out everything you need in exclusive emporiums and fabulous boutiques in your city as well as on her travels in the States and the fashion capitals of Europe. She'll make sure you stand out and feel and look your best with styles and colors so you have the charisma that draws the top people and new opportunities.

Roxanne Emmerich, CSP, CMC, CPAE
Speaker, Entrepreneur, Best-selling
author of "Thank God It's Monday"

"I hired Sandy Dumont because I knew I would be on a whirlwind tour of the country in connection with my new book "Thank God It's Monday" and I wanted to look my best for TV in particular. I thought it would be slightly helpful because I thought I knew what I was doing after having worked with several image consultants over the years. Now, when I see the difference, I realize I couldn't afford NOT to have her by my side for more than just TV. In a world where so many over promise and under deliver, Sandy stands out as someone who is indispensible and does FAR more than promised. An important investment for any speaker or executive who wants to be taken seriously. I'm singing her praises from the mountain top to everyone I know."
Roxanne Emmerich, CSP, CMC, CPAE
Author of "Thank God It's Monday! "

Sandy Dumont in her modeling days - Washington, DC

Yes, that's me in the photo above, back when bell bottoms just became the rage! I'm Sandy Dumont. In the years since I left modeling I've helped thousands of clients worldwide enhance their image. Today I'm a branding and image development professional with more than 30 years experience and a pioneer in the field of image psychology and impression management. I'm passionate about using my expertise and talents to assist speakers (I'm a speaker myself!) who want to look great on the platform and fast track their professional careers.

I promise! I can show you what we can do in an incredibly short time that will yield lasting results in upgrades to your professional, personal and financial well being. Don't be mistaken, your professional appearance says more about you than your website, business cards and all your written marketing materials. People make up their minds about who you are within seconds; you can't afford to miss the chance to make a great first impression. My guess is you've already invested a great deal of time, money and effort in marketing materials...now isn't time to look dazzling too?

Let me show you what professional image consulting can do. You will be amazed. Or if you're ready, choose today from my Menu of Services for your own dazzling makeover. Let me show you the possibilities. You'll be astounded by what we can do together. Please call me and accept my offer of a free consultation.

Sandy Dumont
International: 001.757.627.6669

Don't wait to contact me, your first step on the way to greater success is just a phone call or email away! Please call me for a free phone consultation. I am eager to advise you and make today the day you start looking and feeling fabulous beyond words! I'll get to know you, we'll probably laugh a bit and I'll share information you need now in order to get the necessary information to make a good decision about what you need to do to dazzle audiences, feel your best and boost your income. In your very first free consultation I'll address your specific challenges and strategize on just what you need to do to get a breakthrough so you open the door to new possibilities. We'll take an inventory of where you are not getting the wows…yet, and we'll pinpoint what approach is appropriate for you. When our time is up you'll understand exactly how I can help you and if a Look Great on the Platform makeover is a step you want to take right now! Just email or call me now; or fill out the questionnaire below and send it to me and let's get you started!

Click here for your questionnaire.

This is a commitment no speaker can afford not to make. Spectacular images don't just happen. They are crafted, just as a powerful speech is. Your image must be as spellbinding as your story. Here's a variety of options that you can select from to make the magic happen for you!

"I've worked with several make-up artists, hair stylists, and image consultants through the years in preparation for media appearances and the like, and Sandy Dumont far exceeded my expectations in her knowledge of the field—colors, foundations, lines, shapes, accessories. She understands how to use all the various techniques to help you reflect your personality in the most positive way possible. Specifically, she has a wonderful grasp of coloring and lines and brings them together to accent your best features. Another big plus: She’s delightful to work with in creating your powerful presence!"
Dianna Booher
CEO of Booher Consultants and author of Communicate with Confidence and Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader


You choose one or more of the two-day packages I offer (or we can customize a special two day package just for you!) and get started. I come to your location, or if you prefer, you meet with me in the city of your choice for the most magical makeover and extraordinary shopping spree of your life! After that you may select another package and off we go again taking you to new breathtaking heights. After our first experience and in between our meetings I shop for you during my travels; and as you email me photos of items you are considering, I find you just what you want or help you make the perfect choice!

With each package you will receive as a gift the exclusive training manuals I wrote and that are used in my school, The Impression Strategies Institute, where I train people all over the world to become image consultants. The training manuals included are listed here:

Winning Accessories – There is a manual for women and one for men. The manual will help you discover the accessories that will enable you to make a statement about who you are.

Camouflage Secrets for Women – Learn how to camouflage all your figure flaws. No one is perfect, but with my tricks of the trade, no one will ever guess. You'll learn how to look thinner, taller or shorter, and you will know your figure from every angle.

Professional Attire for Women – Learn how to put together a professional wardrobe that is versatile and powerful.

Suits and Jackets; Shirts; Ties – These three Training Manuals will give you the basics for understanding the difference between looking ordinary and looking polished, refined and classy.

Putting It All Together - Once you've examined every element of your image with me, you'll need a "refresher course" to help you jog your memory about all you've learned – and to help you go deeper and deeper with your image skills. It's a treasure to have on hand!

"Wow-Sandy is amazing with putting the right colors on you to make you shine. Years ago, I was told what colors I should and shouldn't wear. However, no one told me why. Sandy does, and she really shows the difference the right choices can make, especially when it comes to looking more youthful and healthy. Thanks Sandy, the difference was immediate and people noticed!"
Linda Swindling, JD, CSP
Journey On!
Dallas, Texas

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